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Our Journey

8 months post amp! Doing great!

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We’re coming up on Piper’s 1 year ampuversary and he couldn’t be doing any better! He acts like he’s always had 3 legs smiley  He loves to run in the yard, play with his frisbee and chase birds.  For a 3 legged dog, he sure can run fast winker

In the days right after his amputation, I wondered if I had made the right decision, but i know now that I ABSOLUTELY did!

We feel very blessed to have a second chance at life for our sweet boy :)  He really is the most special dog we’ve ever known.  Here’s a pic of Piper and my daughter…THIS is why we fight for them.  <3



First walk around the neighborhood after surgery :)




IT’S BETTER TO HOP ON 3 LEGS THAN TO LIMP ON 4!  big-grinbig-grinbig-grinbig-grinbig-grin



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3 weeks post amp!

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We’ve been M.I.A for a few weeks (crazy busy around here) but I wanted to give everyone an update on my little guy :)

He’s had his stitches out for about 3 weeks now, the incision is almost completely healed and the hair is growing back in.  His spirits are back to normal and he runs around our house like nothing ever happened! If it weren’t for the physical evidence, you’d never know he was a TriPawd :)  He loves playing fetch again with his favorite toy ….his chewed up frisbee :)


We had our first experience with other people.  He ran up to a man in the neighborhood and the guy asked “what happened to his leg?”  I said “he had cancer” and his reply was….. “he sure can run fast!” big-grin


Yes sir, yes he can :)

We feel so grateful and truly blessed to have our little guy back, pain free :)

Thank you all so much for your support!


Piper taking me for a walk around

the neighborhood :)

A Week & 1/2- Post Amp!

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 9:18 pm on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Piper is doing amazingly well!  He still doesn’t have a huge appetite but will eat some if coaxed a little.  He also still gets tired easily and likes napping 🙂  He’s doing great with walking, balance, and yes…..RUNNING!!!!  😀

He was in a great mood this evening and wanted to play frisbee (he loves catching that old thing!)   Check out this video I took of him!


(well that didnt post quite right…just click it) 😉

Unfortunately, I think we let him overdo it a little 🙁   He has a little bleeding around one of his stitches so he’s resting on his new favorite beanbag now.

At Home- Day 3

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 12:53 am on Sunday, June 17, 2012

Piper is getting around well over all but today, he has been pretty down 🙁   He hasn’t moved a whole lot but I did coax him to eat something at dinner time.  He’s getting a break from his cone right now…we have my daughters Titans jersey on him to cover his incision and stitches so he doesn’t lick and it stays clean.  We had another good night last night…he rested really well.  Hoping for #3 in a row tonight!  Coming up on a week post amp….looking forward to getting my pup back to his “old self” again.

Feeling a little down. But all tucked in under my daughter’s blanket 😉

At Home- Day 2

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 12:21 am on Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our first night at home was a huge success!  Piper slept all night in his giant cage and I never heard one peep out of him! (Hoping for an equally good night tonight!)

Today was a big day for my little boy!  First day at home alone!   Only mishap we had during the day was a pee pee accident that concerned me a little just because it isn’t like him at all to have accidents in his crate.

He’s got the potty thing mastered!  Not even a wobble!  We’ve moved my 11 year old’s bean bag into the livingroom and Piper’s really enjoying laying on that when we’re all hanging out together.

He’s still turning his nose up at his dry food today, but he sure liked the Pizza my hubby brought home for him tonight! 😉    He’s eating a little…and we’re giving him anything he thinks looks good!  He’s still drinking lots of water tho 🙂

Piper had his first visitors tonight! My brother, sister in law and niece and nephew came over to check on him….I think my parents are coming tomorrow.  Piper sure is a lucky little guy to have so many people care about him!

When I got home from work, Piper was ready to play!  He tried getting me to chase him with his favorite rope toy for a few minutes before he got too tired <3

Sure am proud of the progress my little Tripawd is making 🙂  I hope the rest of our recovery continues to go well 🙂

Comfy 🙂

Piper’s Home!!!!

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 7:45 pm on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Piper’s been home about an hour now.  I don’t know who was happiest to see each other…us or him 🙂   He seems to be doing pretty well!  He has eaten some, drank some water and gone potty outside successfully!  He also seems to be navigating our wood floors pretty well too.  Now that the initial excitement has worn off, he seems either very tired or a little down.  He laid down in his favorite spot for a bit (under the coffee table) but is currently laying in my lap <3

His incision looks pretty good to me (as far as incisions go) and seeing it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be.  Even my daughter did well!  She just has TONS of questions.

He does look slimmer to me…like he’s lost some weight. I’m hoping thats a combo of being in the cone so long and the surgery and we’ll fatten him back up a bit very soon.

He isn’t on anything for pain.  Our vet said he doesn’t medicate for pain when they come home because alot of dogs tend to overdo it if their pain level is dulled.  I was worried about that but he really doesn’t seem to need it.  He’s resting really well right now.  I’m hoping since surgery was on Monday, he’ll be fine without any medication.   Im actually having to make sure he doesn’t jump or anything because he’s trying to 😉

Hoping we have a smooth night tonight…so far so good!  I can’t wait til he’s all healed up, stitches out and cone off!

Wish us luck tonight!

Resting in his favorite spot <3

Kisses for Piper <3

She missed him so 🙂

TriPawd- Day 2

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 8:21 pm on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So today was Day 2 post surgery.  I called the Vet as soon as they opened this morning to check on my sweet boy.  The Vet Tech came back to the phone and said “Piper is standing up….wagging his tail at me”

What an amazing dog I have!!  I’m already so proud of him!!!

My daughter was missing him alot today 🙁   I got a call at work from DayCare saying Katie was crying because she saw a dog on TV that looked like Piper 🙁  We’ll all be so glad to have him back home.

On a side note, we have one of those (some say annoying…I say awesome!) stick families on the back of our van.  Notice the stick doggies ….but ignore my dirty van 😉

I thought one of the dogs could use a little….adjusting 😉

We love our Tripawd Dog!!!!

Piper’s a Tripawd!

Filed under: Uncategorized — scrappinmommy77 at 10:21 pm on Monday, June 11, 2012

Well our Piper is now a Tripawd.  The vet called us at 2:30 today and said he was still sleeping but the surgery went well and he was doing fine.  I called again at 4:30 to check on him and he was awake and still doing well 🙂

My daughter is missing him tonight.  It was pretty quiet when we came home…although we have another baby to greet us (a 2 year old dachshund named Molly).  It’s still not the same without our crazy Piper.  Molly seems to know something is wrong.  She hasn’t eaten since Piper ate last (yesterday at 3:00 in preparation for surgery).  I just filled her food and water bowls and tried coaxing her to eat but she’s not having it 🙁  And to think when they’re both together she acts so annoyed by Piper 😉

Hubby has seemed indifferent about everything until this evening when he said he wished he could see Piper (he tries to act big but I know better) 😉

I’m mostly worried about Piper’s pain level tonight and if he’s resting comfortably. I dont want him to be in pain 🙁  Hopefully the vet has dosed him up well.

We’ll pick him up on Thursday evening.  I’m a little nervous about seeing him post surgery….I know the incision site will be ugly and I’m hoping my daughter doesn’t get upset either….she’s so tender hearted.

I know we’ll be taking his recovery day by day.  I’m still uncertain as to what he’ll need to re-learn as far as walking goes.  He’s been hopping around on 3 legs for quite awhile now anyway so in my mind I think he’ll do ok with it.  But he’s also always had that 4th leg to “catch himself” if he needed to.  We will see.

Meet My Little Buddy Piper!

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My 2 year old Schnauzer, Piper, was diagnosed with Melanoma of the foot pad last week.  We were devastated to hear this news and uncertain what to do.  Ultimately we have decided to amputate his left rear leg so that he can have a better quality of life as long as he is with us.  Our surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  I started this blog to document his fight and our journey with him 🙂

My daughter and Piper (He's obviously loved very much) 🙂